Thursday, November 1, 2012

cup of hot chocolate by: iarnan

so there i was working on a massive blog post that whent over every, tiny, little deatail from the new book SHIFTERS and suddenly the screen on my mac book goes BLANK. then a little measage pops up on my screen saying "our system line to your personal computer has failed to re-establesh the connection to your personal computer but please engoy a good 1261839 hour hot chocolate break while our army of computer geeks tries to hack di meen re-establesh your connection to your computer  -the blogspot team.

i tried to keep my anger behind those 10000 foot bars of my mental sanity

"errrg aaah eweeewwww ark"

le'me just say those 10000 bars need some work.


the next thing t knew i was being dragged out of the library by asylum guards.

thanx for reading please buy SHIFTERS online!

(editors note: my client here did not actually break out in manaiacle laughter and try to eat someone but he did take the1261839 hour hot chocolate break)

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